Book Aid International

Book Aid International is a registered charity and company in England and Wales, charity number 313869, and company number 880754.  Registered address:

39 – 41 Coldharbour Lane
London SE5 9NR
United Kingdom


Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7733 3577
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7978 8006
Or email for general enquiries.

Please note, Googlemaps do not show our location correctly.

Click here for a map of where we are with directions to reach us.

If you have any feedback or enquiries specifically about this website contact the webmaster.


Press & Media

For press or media enquiries please contact Jessica Faulkner (020 7326 5800).


Donating books

If you are interested in donating books to Book Aid International please refer to our book donations pages.


Applying to receive books

Unfortunately Book Aid International does not accept direct applications for books. This is because we mainly work with national level partners that either make the books available through their own networks or distribute them to schools, libraries and community based organisations in their country.  Many have procedures for applying for books and in those cases we ask that you send your request for books directly to them.

To find out where we work and whether you can request books from one of our national partners please click on where we work and then on your selected country.

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