Book donations

Brand-new books only please!

We receive all our book donations in mint condition directly from the book trade. This fantastic support comes mainly in the form of overstocks and returns.

If you represent a publisher or bookseller please have a look at our corporate book donation pages where you can find out more about donating books to us.

What about second-hand books?

The new book donations we receive more than fulfil the quotas we can afford to ship overseas. This means we’re afraid we cannot accept second-hand books from individuals or schools. However, we work in partnership with Book Harvest who recyle selected educational texts and make a donation to us for each text sold. Find out more.

We would love to be able to accept and send more books but we are limited by space in the warehouse and the costs involved in sorting, selecting and shipping.   Book Aid International has sent over half a million books each year to our partners in the developing world – and on behalf of our readers everywhere, we would like to say a huge thank you to those who have donated in the past!

If you have already collected second-books and would like to support us, why not try holding a book sale in your local community? Invite friends, family and neighbours, price the books simply and provide tea and cakes!  You could even ask guests to bring along more books to sell.  For more information on holding a book sale, contact us by email or telephone 020 7733 3577.

If you have any questions, please email Stevie Russell, or telephone on 020 7733 3577.

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