Reverse Book Club

Three books for £6 – and you’ll never receive any of them!

From Michael Palin CBE

“This is a book club with a difference – you pay the money and someone else gets the books!

It’s a brilliant way of helping readers in the world’s poorest countries. It’s simple, practical and cost less per month than your Sunday newspaper. And each monthly gift of £6 means Book Aid International can send three more books!

One of the things I’ve found on my journeys is the thirst to learn more about the world, and this is one sure way to help people get more out of life. Book Aid International sends over half a million books to the developing world every year. Over 90% of them go to sub-Saharan Africa.

By transforming your donation of just £6 a month into 36 books each year, this wonderful charity can help transform the lives of so many people and communities. Each and every book sent gets read over and over again – changing thousands of lives.

I hope that you can consider joining the Reverse Book Club, and help spead the joy of books.

Remember – every donation of £6 means that Book Aid International can send another three books!”


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