Celebrate with us

Maybe you’re planning a birthday party, celebrating an anniversary or even getting married!  We’d love you to celebrate with us. Why not ask your friends and family to transform their good wishes for you into life-changing books for communities in some of the poorest parts of the world? You can do this in three easy steps:

1) Create a celebration page

This can be done on the JustGiving website and will enable your friends and family to donate online in a tax-efficient way from anywhere in the world.  You can find a step by step guide here.

2) We’ll send you everything you need to celebrate

Our celebration pack will include balloons, leaflets and gift aid envelopes – you’ll need to make the cake though!

3) Get your friends and family to donate

We will individually thank every donor on your behalf at the time of their gift and send you a list of everyone who contributed along with an overall total raised, so that you can thank people personally.

To order your celebration pack please email us or call 020 7733 3577.

Jane Weeks celebrated her 60th birthday by raising £539 towards our work in Ethiopia.

‘ My mother and my grandmother were writers and so books have always been at the heart of my family life. When I thought about which charity to nominate for my birthday fundraising, there was no contest – it had to be Book Aid International, so that I could share my love of books with readers around the world.’