Book Aid International would not be able to continue sending up to one million high-quality books to our partners in sub-Saharan Africa and the Occupied Palestinian Territories each year without the support of our corporate partners. There are countless ways in which your company could support Book Aid International, from fundraising at work, to giving gifts in kind or forming a partnership. If you are a publisher you could consider becoming a book donor. We are always open to new ways of working with companies- so if you feel you have something to offer then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Here is an idea of what we could do with your money:

£2 could pay to source, select and ship a brand new book to Africa.

£120 could stock a mobile library in Ethiopia with 80 children’s books.

£1,200 would enable us to supply 560 carefully selected books to children, young people and adults living in refugee camps in Kenya and Uganda.

£5,000 would provide 2,500 children’s books to young readers in rural Uganda.

£10,000 could Transform a Library in Tanzania, funding redecoration and refurbishment, new shelving, and a new collection of 3000 books both from the UK and purchased locally.

£50,000 could develop five Children’s Reading Corners, with children’s furniture, multi-media equipment and a new selection of books creating child-friendly spaces in five libraries.

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