Our corporate partners play a huge role in supporting Book Aid International.

We can offer a tailor-made programme of engagement, based on your needs and the support that you give, which will inspire and engage employees in a cause that really makes a difference.

Book Aid International changes lives by providing access to learning and literacy in sub-Saharan Africa. We work with libraries in Africa, providing books, resources and training to create an environment in which reading for pleasure, study and lifelong learning can flourish.

A partnership with us can:

  • give you an association with a well-known, respected charity that is supported by a range of celebrity and public figures such as Michael Palin and Joanne Lumley.
  • provide staff volunteering opportunities at our book warehouse in Camberwell.
  • give you access to our calendar of events and network of contacts.
  • provide you with real stories, videos, images and quotes of the impact your support has made to use in your internal publications.
  • increase teamwork and morale as staff come together to reach a common goal.

And most importantly, for every £2 you contribute, we will be able to send one more book, meaning your partnership will make a valuable and long lasting impact on education and literacy development.

For more information about how your company can get involved with Book Aid International, please contact


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