Big Book Sale

What better way to raise money for Book Aid International than to hold a big book sale!

It costs just £2 to select, pack and ship a book to sub-Saharan Africa. With your help we’ll be able to stock the shelves of thousands of libraries reaching some of the poorest communities in the world. Find out more and read our stories.

If you’re like most people, you’ll read a book and then pop it on a shelf where it’s likely to stay for months, years or sometimes decades…so now’s your chance to dust off your unread old books and share them with others.

There are so many ways to make your fundraising event a success, it’s very simple and everyone walks away smiling with a new book in tow!

Here are some simple steps…

Collecting your books

  • Rummage through your bookshelves and see what you find!
  • Ask friends and family for book donations and help to spread the word about your event
  • Libraries may have surplus stock they need to get rid of and would be willing to donate. Alternatively, you could suggest that you hold a joint event and split the profits
  • Local schools, colleges or university libraries might have books that need a new home. If not, you might be able to put up posters to advertise your sale

Getting ready

  • Sort out what can and can’t be sold – damaged or really outdated books are unlikely to sell
  • Categorising your books – separate them into paperback fiction, hardback fiction, paperback non-fiction and hardback non-fiction
  • You could categorise them further by splitting them into adult and children’s fiction, poetry, romance, crime, thriller, arts and crafts, sports and hobbies and educational


  • It’s important that you price the books at an attractive level – for instance all paperback fiction £1 or £1.50 and all hardbacks £2
  • Consider having a half price sale later in the day
  • You could give special discounts to people buying in bulk or run special offers – we all love a 3 for the price of 2 deal!

Finally, you will need…boxes for storage and display, a supply of carrier bags, a secure cash box and calculator, plenty of change, stickers, card and pens to indicate prices on books and boxes.

We love to hear about your stories, so don’t forget to tell us about your activities as we can feature your fundraising on our blog, twitter or facebook page!

To receive a fundraising pack containing posters, bookmarks and leaflets about our work, please get in touch or call 020 7326 5826.

Happy reading!

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