Food for Thought

Raise money for Book Aid International by simply doing something you enjoy – having your friends round for dinner!

Here are some fun suggestions to get the taste buds tingerling…

Invite friends to a Safari dinner…this is a dinner party in which each successive course is prepared and eaten at the residence of a different host. Alternatively, each course may be eaten at a different dining area within a single large establishment. It is essentially a variant on a potluck dinner, with travel involved.

Or you could invite guests to Dinner4Good. This idea is beautifully simple. Here’s how it works:

  • Choose to host a dinner party and set up your dinner page
  • Invite guests using the automated service on your page
  • Your guests visit your dinner page and see who else has been invited, what you’re planning to cook and what the dress code or theme will be
  • Your guests accept your invitation (of course!) and make a hassle-free donation to Book Aid International via their credit or debit card
  • You host a marvellous dinner party which all your friends rave about for months to come!
  • Dinner4Good collect all the donations (including gift aid) and pay it directly to us – no hassle for you or your friends.
  • The gauntlet has been laid down – which of your friends will host the next Dinner4Good?

For more information see the Dinner4Good website or contact us.

We’d also love to hear about your events and see your photos or you can tell us all about it on Facebook and Twitter.

Bon Appetit!

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