Quiz Night

We all like a bit of competition from time to time and quiz nights are a fantastic way of raising money for Book Aid International.

So round up your friends, family and colleagues for an evening of literary banter! You can use our downloadable literary quiz and answer sheet to get the ball rolling.

Your donation will enable thousands of young adults and children living in sub-Saharan Africa to begin their own life long journey of reading. Find out more.

There are many places you could hold a quiz and here are just a few…

  • Down the local pub – just ask your landlord for permission!
  • Bookshops and libraries might like to support your cause and hold an evening of literary banter
  • Social suppers and charity dinner evenings
  • On long haul coach trips – it’s a great way to pass the time!
  • School halls, church events or village fetes might be good places to bring in the crowds or advertise your quiz!
  • Never under estimate the comfort of your own home – hold a quiz night with family and friends at Christmas, Easter or on your birthday
  • Work parties are a fun place to spark up a bit of healthy competition!

You could charge as little as £2 for a small ‘on the go’ quiz or £10 a ticket in a pub with nibbles provided.

We love to hear your stories, so don’t forget to tell us about your activities as we can feature your quiz on our blog, twitter or facebook page!

To receive a fundraising pack containing posters, bookmarks and leaflets about our work, please get in touch or call 020 7326 5826.

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