Trusts and Foundations

Our work would not be possible without the fantastic partnerships we have with the trusts and foundations who share our commitment to increasing access to books to support literacy, education and development in poor countries. Many support our core book provision programme for sub-Saharan Africa and our small programme in the Occupied Palestinian Territories while others fund specific library development projects, some of which are outlined below.

We are very keen to develop new partnerships with charitable trusts and foundations and are committed to providing high-quality funding reports to all our donors.  If you share our vision and would like to find our more, please do get in touch with Heather Rutledge or call us on 020 7733 3577.

Some of our major partnerships:

The Beit Trust has for many years supported our library development programmes in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Thanks to our partnership with them, thousands of books from Book Aid International are reaching people living in rural and urban communities through library networks in these three countries.



The Elsevier Foundation’s ‘innovative libraries in developing countries’ programme funded the development of health sections in 15 Kenyan libraries from 2010-2012, training 30 librarians, and making essential  health information available to health providers. Exciting new partnerships have been developed and the health sections are used by local health officers, health lecturers, nurses, peer educators, community health workers, traditional birth attendants and medicine doctors.  Read more about the project here.




The Headley Trust is supporting our project in partnership with the National Library of Uganda to set up children’s corners in 12 libraries from 2012-2014, building on the success of our children’s corners project in Kenya and Tanzania. Local libraries are working closely with schools and over 6,000 children will benefit from the project in Uganda.




Stavros Niarchos Foundation supported our East Africa children’s reading project in 2011-2012, enabling us to set up lively and welcoming children’s corners in a total of twelve libraries in Kenya and Tanzania and to provide 23 primary schools in mainland Tanzania and on Zanzibar with school libraries in a box to use in classrooms. From 2013 to 2015 the Stavros Niarchos Foundation is supporting a project to extend children’s  corners to 10 more Kenyan libraries and to pilot the use of digital devices in three children’s corner libraries

The Sobell Trust helps fund our provision of children’s books to the Tamer Institute for Community Education in Palestine. Iman Ammus, the chief librarian at Tamer, describes the impact that Book Aid International materials made during a military curfew: “Reading became a form of stress relief and gave the readers a chance to do something productive while under curfew. It gave them the chance to free their imagination and escape their situation.”



Tauheedul Charity is supporting school libraries in a box for 10 primary schools in Wete District, Pemba Island, one of the poorest districts in Zanzibar, where over 6,000 children will benefit, and is also supporting children’s book provision in other countries.


We are also extremely grateful to the following:
The Beatrice Laing Trust
The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation
Blue Door Foundation
Evan Cornish Foundation
Equitable Charitable Trust
Mercury Phoenix Trust
Peacock Charitable Trust
Phyllis Little Memorial Trust
The Law Society Charity
Unwin Charitable Trust
Commonwealth Pharmacists Association

and many other small trusts who have kindly supported our work.

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