Book Aid International has been sending books to Ethiopia since 1968. In 2013 we supplied our partner organisations in Ethiopia with 31,797 books. Many of these went to local NGO CODE Ethiopia, who distributed the books to 82 reading rooms in towns and villages across the country.

Country Statistics

Human development index ranking: 173rd out of 186 countries
Adult literacy: 39%
Net enrolment in primary education: 81% (male 84%, female 79%) secondary education: 36% (male 39%, female 32%)

Why we work in Ethiopia

In recent decades Ethiopia has faced conflict, wide-scale drought and massive refugee problems. It shares borders with six countries in a region with huge social, political and environmental challenges. UNHCR report that since 2009 there has been an almost three-fold increase in refugees in the country, mainly women and children from neighbouring Somalia, Sudan and Eritrea.

Literacy and learning are essential to help people escape from poverty and to contribute to improved health and community development, but Ethiopia faces many challenges. Adult literacy is low, as are enrolment levels in primary and secondary schools. Less girls than boys attend school, and many children walk long distances over difficult terrain to attend schools that are under-resourced, with crowded classrooms and poorly trained teachers.

There are many fantastic community development projects confronting these challenges, and we are proud to support the local organisations striving to improve access to education. Our partners are working hard to ensure the books we send are reaching communities, schools, orphanages and universities across the country.


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