Book Aid International has worked in Malawi since 1962. In 2014 we sent 50,730 books to Malawi. Our main partner is the Malawi National Library Service (MNLS) who receive, clear, sort and distribute all the books and materials we send. Through the MNLS network and our other partners we send books to community libraries, universities, colleges, schools and non-government organisations.

Country Statistics

Human Development Index ranking: 174 out of 186 countries*
Adult literacy: 61%**
Net attendance in primary education (net enrolment figures not available): male 84%, female 86%**
Net enrolment in secondary education: male 30%, female 29%**

Why we work in Malawi

Malawi is a very poor country relying mainly on agriculture.  It has been very badly affected by HIV and AIDS: AIDS is the main cause of death amongst adults and largely contributes to the country’s low life expectancy of 55 years**. There are over half a million AIDs orphans in the country.  Similar to many countries we work in, English is the language of instruction from the 5th year of school, so that there is a great need for books to help this transition and to support learning in subsequent years.  With the support of our donors, we are able to provide new books to public, school and college libraries.

*Statistics taken from the Human Development Index 2014
**Statistics taken from Unicef‘s ‘State of the World’s Children 2015’ statistical tables

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