Case Study: Mzuzu University

“Book Aid International to Mzuzu University is a friend indeed.”

Higher education in Malawi is experiencing financial hardships as a result of the economic crisis, with cuts being made to their budgets. More than ever do they need Book Aid International’s donated books to support students studying courses which will allow them to meet their country’s development needs, such as nursing, forestry, climate change, tourism and teacher training.

Book Aid International has been supporting Mzuzu University for 11 years.  When they opened in 1999 they had just 65 students and five lecturers, but it has grown rapidly to a student body of 2,000 and 150 staff, supported by books from Book Aid international.

“Book Aid International to Mzuzu University is a friend indeed. Our collection would not have been where it is without the yearly donations of books from Book Aid International.  When we report new courses, BAI is the first partner to support us.”- Professor Joseph Uta, Mzuzu University

Mzuzu University is one of Malawi’s key providers of teacher training courses, including an intensive three-month maths and science course for secondary school teachers to help improve the quality of teaching in secondary schools.  They are now also offering distance learning opportunities to secondary school teachers.

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