Book Aid International has worked in Namibia since 1977. We started working in partnership with the Namibia Library and Archive Service (NLAS) in 2000 and through NLAS we send our donated books to two departments in the Ministry of Education: the Education Library Service and the Community Library Service. In 2012 we sent 33,560 books to Namibia.

Country Statistics

Human development index ranking: 128th out of 186 countries
Income inequality (Gini Coefficient): 0.70 (2003) – the highest value in the world
Adult literacy: 88.5%
Net enrolment in primary education: 85%; secondary education: 57%
Total enrolment in tertiary education: 19,707

Why we work in Namibia

Since gaining independence in 1990, the Namibian government has tried to deal with the social inequality and injustices created by years of apartheid. In the areas where black Namibians were forced to live, particularly in the north of the country which is home to over 60% of the population, there is still inadequate schooling. The state education system requires much development in terms of facilities, teacher training and material resources.  Book Aid International’s annual consignment of donated books makes a small but significant contribution to Namibia’s development, especially in areas where inequalities are greatest.

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