Book Aid International has been making a difference in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) since 1988. In 2012 we sent 12,614 books to our partners and under difficult circumstances these books were distributed to 29 libraries in schools, orphanages, rural villages and refugee camps across the West Bank and Gaza.

Country Statistics

Human development index ranking: 110th out of 186 countries
Adult literacy: 94.6%
Net enrolment in primary education: 87%; secondary education: 84%
Total enrolment in tertiary education: 196,625

Why we work in Palestine

For generations families in the Occupied Palestinian Territory have been deeply affected by the conflict with Israel. Education is often disrupted by violence, curfews and closures, meaning more than ever there is a need for safe spaces where children and young people can study, play and learn. The logistics of delivering and distributing books across the OPT are often problematic due to the restrictions on movement for local organisations, however the British Council are able to play a key role in ensuring our books reach the communities that need them. The situation in the West Bank and Gaza forced the British Council to close its own libraries and children’s resource centres in 2006 and it now works directly to support different organisations and libraries, including local NGO Tamer Institute for Community Education. Working with the British Council and the Tamer Institute, we are able to make a real difference in increasing access to books for people for whom they are a luxury.

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