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Our books are distributed by in-country distribution partners- library services, local NGOs, or distribution committees. To request books please contact the relevant partner organisation in your country, listed below, alphabetically by country. Please note that the books would have to be collected from them, and they may charge a small fee to cover their costs.

When requesting books please provide full contact details, including postal address and country, and the following information:

– your organisation’s objectives, programmes and/or projects and target groups
– needs: the sort of books being requested, for example vocational materials, medical texts etc
– how the books will be used and who will use them
– where the books will be placed
– whether there are any libraries or resource centres nearby

Education Information Services International (EISERVI)
Rue Cafeier, Biyem Assi Stade
PO Box 31528, Yaounde 13
Tel : (+237) 22317660
Email Eiservi

Mr Gebrenegus Berhane Engda, Eritrean Ministry of Education

Requests for books for school, community and public libraries should be sent to:

The British Council in Ethiopia
Comoros Street
P O Box 1043
Addis Ababa.

You can also email your specific request to Esayyas Alemu, Manager at the British Council:

Requests for books for Higher Education and Medical institutions should be directed to:

CODE Ethiopia
PO Box 9443
Addis Ababa

Or via one of the following email addresses:;;

Mrs Betty Kalugho, at Kenya National Library Service
Email Mrs Betty Kalugho

Mr Haswell Kapeta at Malawi National Library Service
Email Mr Haswell Kapeta

Educational institutions including schools, teacher resource centres and teacher training colleges should email Mrs Margaret Ndala at the Education Library Service.
– All other requests for books should be emailed to Ms Theopolina Shuumbili at the Community Library Service.

Somalia (Puntland), Somaliland and South Sudan
Book Aid International works in partnership with the African Educational Trust in these countries, supplying books to their network of  school libraries and resource centres.  We regret that we are not currently in a position to consider any further partnerships, or requests for book aid, in these countries.

Mainland Tanzania: All requests from organisations operating in mainland Tanzania should be directed to the Tanzania Library Services Board by email to Dr Alli Mcharazo.
Pemba: Requests from organisations operating in Pemba should be emailed to Abdulla Omar Masoud at the Pemba Public Library.
Alternative email address for Abdulla Omar Masoud.
Zanzibar: Requests from organisations operating in Zanzibar should be emailed to Sichana Haji Foum at the Zanzibar Library Service.

 - Educational institutions including schools, teacher resource centres and teacher training colleges should contact Mr Bernard Bazirake at Kyambogo University Library.
Alternative email addresses for Mr Bazirake:
Alternative KYU address
Gmail address
UTL Online address

– Other requests should be directed to the National Library of Uganda by email.


– Requests for books should be directed to Mr Robertson Bwato, Chief Librarian,  Zambia Library Service, PO Box 30802, Lusaka. Email Mr Bwato.

Please copy your email request to  Ms Sharon Munshya, ZLS Senior Librarian.

Harare: All requests from organisations that are geographically closest to Harare should be directed by email to Ms Yeukai Chimuka at the Harare Distribution Committee.
Bulawayo: Requests from organisations that are geographically closest to Bulawayo should be directed by email to Letshani Ndlovu of the Bulawayo Book Distribution Committee.

All requests should be directed by email to Mr Imad Kashou at the British Council in Jerusalem.

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