Book Aid International has been making a difference in Tanzania since 1960. In 2014 we donated 94,045 books from UK publishers to our partners in Tanzania. As well as books originating from the UK, we also purchased books in local languages, provided training, contributed to refurbishing libraries and more. We have developed projects to increase access to books for children in schools and public libraries, as well as supporting the development of services for distance learners.

Country Statistics

Human development index ranking: 159 out of 186 countries*
Adult literacy: 68%**
Net enrolment in primary education: male 98%, female 98%
Net enrolment in secondary education: male 30%, female 26%

Why we work in Tanzania

Literacy and education are vital to help individuals and communities in Tanzania escape from poverty. Research shows that textbooks and supplementary reading materials are essential to improve standards of education in developing countries but books are scarce in homes and schools, and libraries struggle to find resources to replenish their stocks and create attractive learning environments.

*Statistics taken from the Human Development Index 2014
**Statistics taken from Unicef‘s ‘State of the World’s Children 2015’ statistical tables

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