Case Study: Teacher training

“At first we had no course books but now we have books that are fit to teach primary school teachers!” – John Kataza, Acting Principle, Namutamba Primary Teaching College

Attending and completing primary school in Uganda has become easier since the government made primary education free of charge in 1997.  However, resources are overstretched with one in five children taught in classrooms without a single textbook, and average class sizes exceeding 57 pupils to just one teacher. Enrolment in both secondary and tertiary education are also rising, creating increased demand for well-trained teachers.

Kyambogo University is the national body responsible for accreditation and setting standards in teacher training and technical colleges throughout Uganda. We are working with them to improve the quality of teacher education by making information available to all those involved in education and lifelong learning. Since 2008 we have sent over 54,000 high-quality books ranging from teaching theory titles to guides on lesson planning.

Namutamba Primary Teaching College, 80km west of Kampala in Uganda has 223 students training to become teachers. There are 14 tutors at the college and to date the library has received over 700 teacher training books from Book Aid International.

Staffed by a librarian and two assistants, the library is open all day and late into the evening.  For the vast majority of student teachers, buying textbooks and course materials is unaffordable, so the library is heavily used and the delivery of book donations from Book Aid International is always met with much excitement.


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