Case Study: Mobile libraries

“For many people books have opened the world…” Daphne Chimuka, National Co-ordinator, FAWEZA

Books are scarce and expensive in Zambia and in schools sharing of textbooks between six pupils is not uncommon, and few schools have supplementary materials for reading beyond the curriculum. Our partner, the Forum for African Women Educationalists of Zambia (FAWEZA) began mobile library services as a response to the book shortage. Mobile services are targeted to ensure secondary school-aged girls and boys  can access books.

The mobile libraries have been supported with books provided by Book Aid International and they now serve 44 schools, covering 11 schools in Kabwe, 14 in Ndola and 19 in Lusaka. The libraries visit each school once every two weeks in term time, a total of about 18 visits a year.

Daphne Chimuka, FAWEZA’s National Co-ordinator said this of the partnership between Book Aid International and FAWEZA:

Since our partnership with Book Aid International has started our book stocks have grown about three-fold. In 2006 we only had 2,016 books in the library, one library truck, and we were reaching only 12 high schools in one city. We have now expanded our library to 9,859 books, comprised of donated books from Book Aid International and grants to buy local books. We are able to reach 42 high schools in total. The young people have given us great feedback. For many people books have opened the world…” 

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