Vice President

Professor Kingo Mchombu
Prof Kingo Mchombu is a Tanzanian academic with over twenty years experience in the information and communication studies sector in Africa. He is Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Namibia.  He worked at the University of Botswana for 10 years and started his career at Tanzania Library Service.

He has written extensively on African librarianship, knowledge management, community information services, information and poverty eradication, and HIV/AIDS and information dissemination.  Professor Mchombu holds a PhD in Information studies and an MA in Education for Archives, Library Science and Information Science.  He sits on the boards of several national and international civil society organisations and is on the editorial board of several international and African journals.

Professor Mchombu was the lead author on our 2006 publication “Libraries, Literacy and Poverty Reduction: a key to African development”.

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