The books we need

We are in regular contact with our partners to ensure they receive the books they most need. Currently this includes:

  • Children’s books: fiction and picture books for all ages and reading abilities; simple ‘readers’; low literacy books for all ages
  • Educational books: school curriculum support materials for primary and secondary levels
  • EFL: especially grammar and vocabulary
  • Teacher training: especially more general primary and secondary
  • Vocational and careers: especially technical (eg electronics, carpentry, textiles), and career information texts aimed at those with low literacy
  • Higher education: especially first-year undergraduate textbooks
  • Fiction: for adults and teenagers
  • Medical: especially first year undergraduate and core anatomy/physiology/surgical textbooks
  • Law: especially human rights
  • Computing: especially basic Office
  • Library and information management

These books reach public and community libraries, and libraries in schools, universities, slums, refugee centres, NGOs and prisons. Users of these libraries are often some of the most vulnerable and underprivileged in society.

Please contact Stevie Russell if you are a publisher and feel your books fit our partners’ needs as described above.

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