About us

At Book Aid International, we understand the opportunities and pleasure that reading can bring and we believe everyone should have the chance to read. Through reading, people can change their own lives for the better and shape their own futures.

In places where books are scarce, libraries are often the best places for people to discover the joy of reading. By supporting libraries, we can provide access to books for around 29 million people each year.

We work with UK publishers to supply brand new books to over 3,000 libraries. By partnering with local library services, we are able to send up to one million brand new, carefully selected books each year.

We work where the need is great. Most of our work takes place in Africa, where we support libraries in 13 countries and we also have a small project in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. We support libraries in cities, slums, rural areas, schools, colleges and universities, prisons, hospitals and refugee camps.