Can I donate books?

Brand new books only please!

We receive almost all our book donations in mint condition from UK publishers. This fantastic support comes mainly in the form of overstocks and returns, as well as office copies or occasionally, special print runs.

If you represent a publisher or bookseller please have a look at our pages for publishers where you can find out more about donating books to us.

What about second-hand books?

The new book donations we receive more than fulfil the quotas we can ship overseas. This means we cannot accept second-hand books from individuals, companies, organisations or schools.

However, there are other organisations which may be able to accept your books:

Book Harvest who resell selected educational texts and make a donation to us for each text sold. Find out more.

Better World Books sell second-hand books and donate a percentage of their profit to Book Aid International. Find out more.

Book Aid Charitable Trust send new and second-hand Christian books to areas of need. Find out more.

Book Aid for Africa send second hand text books to schools, colleges and universities in Africa. Find out more. 

If you have already collected second-books and would like to support us, why not try holding a book sale in your local community? Invite friends, family and neighbours, price the books simply and provide tea and cake. You could even ask guests to bring along more books to sell. For more information on holding a book sale, visit our fundraising pages here.

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